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Your wedding is one of the most joyous celebrations of your life! It is your special day to express your love and commitment while marketing the official beginning of your new life together! We believe that your wedding ceremony should be an accurate reflection of your love, your beliefs and your uniqueness as a couple! It is a day meant to be all about you!

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We have been creating beautiful, Personalized, Custom-Crafted Ceremonies for over 14 years! The reason we have been one of the top choices for engaged couples for so many years is simple. We LOVE what we do.

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“We met Robin M., at Rustic Wedding Expo at the Mishnock Barn in 2017, and after speaking to her and her associate, we decided immediately to give them a call in 2018 when we started to solidify vendors for our Dec. 2nd, 2018 wedding. We spoke to Robin a few times on the phone during the planning process, and several times via email as well, and both my Husband and I found her to be pleasant and accommodating. She helped us customize our ceremony exactly as we imagined it should be, with patience, helpfulness, and professionalism. We were literally brought to tears from the beauty and perfection of the ceremony, while we were in the midst of it happening! Our guests have been consistently complimenting how beautiful and touching the ceremony was, and we would have been lost without her guidance through the ceremony process all around. Despite our venue being out of state and a good hike away from their location, Robin was more than happy to travel to our venue and be our officiant for the wedding ceremony. She even took the time to arrive a bit over an hour early, to speak to both myself and (at the time) groom and help us prepare for the big moment. We are ever so grateful to Heart and Soul Ceremonies and Robin M., for helping us create and live one of the most beautiful times of my husband and my own lives!”
“I can’t say enough good things about Paula and Heart and Soul Ceremonies. They were so easy to work with, accommodating, and responsive throughout the entire process. Our ceremony was absolutely flawless and Paula made us feel so comfortable during our big day. Asking Paula to officiate our wedding was the best decision, thank you so much again Heart and Soul Ceremonies!”
“Where do I even begin? My now husband and I are not the same religion. This was a sensitive subject as I am Catholic and he is Protestant. Therefore, we agreed that we would have an Officiant marry us for our November beach (yes, beach) wedding. I emailed 5+ vendors the same email question: “What makes you special? Why should we chose you?” An exposing question to ask, but we knew that the officiant who cared would take the time to answer vs. directing us to their stellar online reviews. There was something about Paula’s response that put me, the uptight bride, at ease. I remember saying to my husband: “I like her.” We met Paula at a Starbucks and after a simple conversation we booked her. I was adamant on writing the ceremony and vows ourselves and wanted to make sure Paula was on board. She was beyond on board. If we wanted more guidance, she would give it. If we wanted, less she would offer support from a far. She gave me a library of resources and templates to work from and there in was born a very personal, very intimate ceremony. We were able to layer in moments of God, moments of love and some out of the box things all with Paula’s blessing. (We had our dog as the ring bearer, some funny readings and even a song played in place of a reading). Paula came to our families’ home for the rehearsal dinner. A 30+ room of loud Italians is not easy to handle — but Paula did so with grace. I wanted someone to take our very special ceremony and execute it flawlessly and Paula did exactly that. People LOVED Paula. She just nailed it. And watching Paula get choked up during the song meant she felt the love too. If you’re looking for a seasoned vet, who will give you as much or as little guidance as you need, someone who is willing to help make your ceremony your own, call Paula. She is a special individual who l o v e s love and all that she does. Paula, you’re part of our family now. Thank you for making our ceremony the most talked about part of our wedding day!”
“Paula is amazing, and it was such a pleasure to have her marry us on 6/16/18!
We had met with her in January, and instantly knew she was the one we wanted to perform our ceremony. She said we could either write our own vows or choose from some templates she provided us with after we met with her. We chose an amazing template that seemed to be written just for us, it seemed to describe our journey so far, and all we want for our future. You can tell she truly loves what she does, and Im blessed and grateful she was such a huge part of our day! Thanks for finally making it official after 11 years!”
“Paula was the perfect choice for officiant for our wedding ceremony! She did an amazing job putting together a ceremony for us, and was very helpful when we had questions along the way. You can tell she really loves what she does, and her passion is moving! Thank you, Paula, for making our wedding ceremony so personalized and special!”
“We were married by Rev Liz Rowell at the Redwood Library and Athenaeum in Newport, RI in September. The experience with Liz was so smooth and effortless from start to finish. We literally can’t think of Nything that could be improved. From the rate to the personal encouragement and advisement to the ceremony itself were just perfect! We thank Heart and Soul Ceremonies and Specifically Liz for her service! It was all so wonderful!!”
“If you would like to have not only an amazing officiant, but also an amazing person to be the one to share in your special day and to be the one to marry you, then Paula Taylor from “Heart and Soul Ceremonies” out of Rhode Island is the true definition of what you’re looking for.

My husband [I love being able to say that... hehe... :) ] and I have been planning for our big wedding ceremony and reception, which will take place at the end of this year, but we recently learned that his mom is ill and may not make it to then. Not having her see us married was not an option, so I googled “quick weddings” and came across Paula Taylor’s name and reviews. I called her and immediately found her to be extremely professional, personable, and caring. I told her everything that was happening, and we planned a small, secret ceremony with my husband’s parents, my parents, and his kids for Sunday, February 5th. On Wednesday of the following week that we booked Paula, we learned that his mom hadn’t eaten in a couple of days. Fearing that she may not make it to the 2/5 date either, I called Paula that night and asked if she could meet us at my husband’s parent’s house the next night, and she happily agreed.

Paula gave us the most beautiful ceremony that I could have ever imagined. Her presentation of the material was heart-warming, and made him and I cry so much throughout, that we were barely able to say our words to each other.

Needless to say, we have also booked Paula for our “second” wedding as well, and we are so grateful to have her in our wedding memories.”

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